completed projects

Pillow Stuffing Machine and Pillow Production Line

Pillow Production Line – Pillow Stuffing Machine  Pillow Rolling Machine Pillow Rolling Production Line Pillow Filling Machine The machine can be used to open fiber, and fill the pillow cushions, etc. Nice appearance, easy to use operation, economical. Plumpy and elastic fiber. Pillow pressing machine Equipped with thermos-sealing device, ideal

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Bale Opener and Fiber Opening Machine

Pre-Opener To loosen all kinds of fiber then transfer to the next procedure through blower. The pre opener is opened by slice-style roller to reduce fiber damage. The main opener is opened by pin plate, high efficiency, and good quality. It is equipped with strong magnet to absorb metal impurities.

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Home Textile Machinery – Home Furnishing Machinery

Fiber stuffing machine is mainly used for conjugated hollow siliconized polyester fiber that shorter than 100mm, ball fiber and kapok, shredded foam and other filling material, filling teddy bears irregular shaped pad and bedding stuffs, pet supplies and cushions… High capacity that can reach about 20 to 30 labor workforces.

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