Needle Punching Production Line for Non Wovens

This machine is suitable for general non-woven production such as acupuncture fiber, felt fabrics, shoes, and so on.
Main machine width: 2200-4700mm
Production width: 2000-4500 mm
Technical specification: 100-1000g/m2
Production capacity: 80-160 kg/h

Needle Punching Machine 

For high density, high performance non-woven production. The main drive adopt tank structure, automatic cycle lubrication, drive motor speed controlled by frequency separately.
Effective machine width: 220—8600 mm
Planting pin density: 4000-7500s/m2
Acupuncture frequency: 800-1200n/min
Stitching course: 30-50mm
Total power: 15-50 kW

For the acupuncture needle non-woven fabric reinforcement and modification .
Width: 2.2 – 6m
Acupuncture: 30-50mm
Maximum needle Frequency: 800/1200/min
Fabric moving speed: 0.6-6m/min
Planting density: 4000-7000pin/m
Acupuncture form: single needle board up or down

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