Pillow Stuffing Machine and Pillow Production Line

Pillow Production Line РPillow Stuffing Machine 

Pillow Rolling Machine

Pillow Rolling Production Line

Pillow Filling Machine

The machine can be used to open fiber, and fill the pillow cushions, etc. Nice appearance, easy to use operation, economical. Plumpy and elastic fiber.

Pillow pressing machine

Equipped with thermos-sealing device, ideal for vacuum packing of pillows and cushions stuffed with fiber, padding material in plastic bags

Help reduce the storage and shipping costs

The machine can adjust the sealing time based on the plastic bags thickness and quality

Automatic pillow pressing machine is used to compress and pack feather down beddings, pillows, cushion and other fluffy stuff.

It can reduce storage or shipping expenses

It is run by compress air using plastic laminated film

Stainless steel, easy to assembly, erect and move.

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