Environment-friendly Fiber for Pillow Filling and Polyester Wadding Production

Adhering to the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, we use recycled PET bottles as the basic raw material of hollow conjugate fiber, vigorously promotes the development of a green and sustainable economy, and provides warm and comfortable enjoyment for people’s lives.

Viet Nam Polyester Staple Fiber is man-made eco-friendly fiber with good quality and high standards compared to Huvis Hollow conjugate fiber, Indorama Ventures Polyester Fiber, Thailand PSF, Indonesia Polyester, China Polyester Staple Fiber, Ningbo Dafa Chemical Fiber, etc…

Thailand Hollow conjugate fiber vs China vs Viet Nam

  • Adopting unsymmetrical cooling-shaped technology, the fiber has a shrinkage effect in its section and comes into being permanent spirality tri-dimensional curl with a good puff.
  • With high-quality imported bottle flakes, advanced facilities, strict quality detective methods, and a perfect management system ISO9000, our fiber is of good resilience and strong pull.
  • Owing to the unique material formula, our fiber has better elasticity. With imported finishing oil, our fiber has excellent hand-feeling and anti-static effects.
  • A good and moderate void degree not only guarantees the softness and lightness of fiber but also achieves a good warming preservation effect.
  • It is an in-noxious chemical fiber with a stable performance. Different from animal and vegetable fibers like quill-coverts and cotton which are easily perished, our fiber is friendly to the environment and has gained the label of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.
  • Its heat insulation rate is 60% higher than that of cotton fiber, and its service life is 3 times longer than that of cotton fiber.

Product application:

  • Main raw material for spray bonded and thermal bonded padding
  • Stuffing material for sofas, quilts, pillows, cushions, plush toys, etc.
  • Material for plush fabric

Product specifications:

Fineness: 0.8D – 25D

Length: 32mm – 70mm

Type: non-siliconized, siliconized, semi-siliconized, flame retardant, antibacterial.



How to choose the best raw material for polyester wadding

Polyester wadding is one kind of nonwoven fabric, which is known as space cotton or vacuum cotton. It is made from natural cotton fibers, artificial fibers, or synthetic fibers processed with loosening, carding, spraying, baking, and curing. there are many polyester wadding manufacturers in Viet Nam.


Its fluffiness, high compression rebounding, resistance to both dry and wet cleaning, lightness, and heat isolation have made itself one of the most important materials to be used in the production of cotton clothes, ski jackets, space suits, quilts, sleeping bags, and other bedclothes, as well as some industrial supplies.

According to the formation principle of polyester wadding structure. Choices and surveys over fiber raw materials and bonding agents, along with production processes, have to be made to ensure good physical and mechanical performance. In which the choosing fiber raw materials have higher priority.

The type and specification of fiber raw materials have a decisive effect on the quality of polyester wadding products. As is requested by the application of polyester wadding.

Good choices for fiber fineness, length, curl degree, section shape, and surface treatment status have to be made to ensure ideal heat isolation, fluffiness, and soft touch.

As is known to synthetic fiber quality is the comprehensive composition of multiple indexes including the main performance of physical machinery, stability, processing.

Different production processes might not have identical requirements for performance indexes. As for the fiber used in polyester wadding. Thin fiber fineness, a high number of crimps, and curl degree, along with good fiber cohesion are required to guarantee good product elasticity and bulkiness.

Remarkably, the beginning of the curl uses a three-dimensional spiral curl, while the bulkiness and rebound rate of the product is clearly superior to that of a flat wave curl; the high hollowness ratio gives the product a greater heat retention rate and a lower density.

The type of lubricant, oil content, and moisture retention of the fiber not only affect the processing performance but also play a key role in improving the feel of the product and eliminating any static electricity that may arise from this process.

The most commonly used virgin hollow polyester fiber has a thickness of 6.6 to 7.7 dtex and a length of 51mm to 76 mm. Fibers of this specification have better performance as a whole; if it is overly short or thick, the feeling will become too rough.

Preferably the curl is a spiral three-dimensional crimp along with the common number of crimp from 0.5-0.6/mm. the hollow fiber between 5% to 10% would be favorable in case of the use of hollow fiber, which helps improve the hand feeling, elasticity, and heat isolation meanwhile reduces the amount of fiber. Mixing 30-70% of down feather fibers in regular polyester enables the production of feather-like sprayed cotton.

What we call ‘feather-like fiber’ is actually solid polyester fiber refined by silicone oil and is soft, lubricant, fluffy, and tangle-free. As result products made which feel fluffy and smooth, sharing feather features.


Viet Nam Fiberfill
HCS Poly-fil

In addition to the variety, quality, processing methods, and conditions of fibers. The main factor affecting the quality of sprayed cotton is the adhesive emulsion quality.

There are two particular indicators of polyester wadding: compressive resilience and water-resistant.

The quality of the adhesive plays a decisive role in the performance of the polyester wadding. As polyester waddings are used for different purposes, therefore, the material and product specifications are varied.

Based on the above, different adhesives differ in thousands of ways in performance as well, so there are different types of adhesives with different performance levels.

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