Application of polyester fiber

What is polyester fiber?

Polyester fiber or polyester staple fiber (PSF) has extensive applications in spinning, weaving, and non-woven processes, predominantly employed for filling pillows and sofas with fibers. Polyester fiber or polyester staple fiber comes in varying degrees of luster, categorized as Semi Dull or Bright. Additionally, through the integration of color master-batch, Polyester fiber or polyester staple fiber can be dyed to achieve Optical White, Black, and various other colors. Renowned for its lightweight nature, Polyester fiber or polyester staple fiber is wrinkle-resistant and exhibits durability against light exposure and weather conditions, demonstrating resilience even in harsh climates.

Polyester fiber (PSF) is a synthetic fiber composed entirely of polyester, derived from recycled PET bottle flakes. PSF crafted from PET chips is termed as Virgin PSF, while PSF manufactured from recycled PET flakes is referred to as Recycled PSF. This versatile material finds extensive applications across textile, automotive, and furniture sectors.

Polyester fiber is used for industrial products

Our range of industrial offerings caters to diverse applications, each featuring distinct specifications tailored to various markets including automotive, appliance, industrial manufacturing, and packaging materials. This dynamic end market, subject to constant evolution, encompasses a wide array of products such as upholstery, paneling, hood linings, trunk liners, molded trim, and more.

Utilizing fabric crafted from Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber is prevalent in nearly all automobiles across the globe, owing to its cost efficiency and durability. This choice not only contributes to cost reduction passed on to customers but also enhances the overall feel and finish of the vehicle.


Polyester fiber is used for Home Textile & Bedding

Our polyester fiber products are used in mattresses, quilts and non-woven. Our customers are bedding suppliers, mattress fabricators, which recognized names in the bedding industry.

Our range of polyester fiber products offers various lines of craft items including fiberfill, pillows, decorative pillows, pillow inserts, toys, and other materials commonly used by home craft enthusiasts. These products are suitable for use by both hand and machine quilters.

Recycled solid polyester fiber is a key material employed in filling a wide array of products, including soft toys, cushions, sofas, and various furniture pieces. Opting for recycled polyester fiber not only offers cost-efficiency but also contributes positively to the environment.


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