Viet Nam Premium Quality Fiber fill

VNPOLYFIBER Fiberfill is a specially engineered hollow polyester fiber produced by Reliance Industries Ltd for use in sleep and comfort products. Giving the efficacy of the product for the specified applications, Reliance has made pioneering efforts for the introduction and acceptance of hollow fibers in the Indian and overseas markets as well.
Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, Our polyester Fiberfill adheres to world-class quality standards to provide maximum comfort, durability, and ease-of-use in a wide variety of applications.
VNPOLYFIBER fiberfill offers the following unique benefits:

  • Outstanding loft and support
  •  Excellent warmth
  •  Breathable & comfortable
  •  Light & Soft
  •  Easy to maintain
  •  Hypo-allergic
  •  Washable
  •  Inherently moisture & mildew resistant
  •  Odorless.

Our high-quality Fiberfill is perfect for:
Pillows, Cushions, Bolsters, Soft toys, Quilts & comforters, Mattresses, Mattress Toppers, Mattress pads, Sleeping bags, Furniture cushions and backs, Insulated Garments, etc.
VNPOLYFIBER offers the following range of Fiberfill for different end uses.

  • ‘ Everyday Functional ‘ Hollow Regular
  • ‘ Hi-Soft & Bouncy ‘ Hollow Conjugate
  • ‘ Eco-Friendly ‘ Hollow Regular & Hollow Conjugate
  • ‘ Down Like ‘ Clusters
  • ‘ Product with Comfort ‘ Anti-microbial
  • ‘ Cosy & Luxuriously Comfy ‘ Micro & Fine Deniers

The finish types available are Siliconised, Non-siliconised, and Slick.

Sr. No.ProductsDeniersProduct Attributes
1Everyday Functional’
Hollow Regular
3, 6, 11, 1518-20% hollowness, excellent bulk and resilience
2 Hi-Soft & Bouncy ‘
Hollow Conjugate
4, 7, 1520-25% hollowness, superior fill power, staple crimps
3 Eco-Friendly ‘
Hollow Conjugate
7,1520-25% hollowness, superior fill power, staple crimps
4 Eco-Friendly ‘
Hollow Conjugate
6, 15Hi soft and Resilience
5 Product with Comfort ‘
Micro ,1.5,6, 7, 15Inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungus, Controls dust mites
6 Down Like ‘
Gives down feather-like comfort, light, adapts to body shape, excellent recovery
7‘ Cosy & Luxuriously Comfy ‘ Fine DeniersMicro, 1.5Very soft, feather-like feel

Can be offered in cut-lengths (mm) of 32, 51, 64, 76.

Our Polyester Fibers for Non-woven

Our Non-woven grade polyester Staple fiber for use in various types of non-woven processes. A product of in-house research & development from Reliance, Our Nonwoven grade fibers is engineered with utmost care to ensure optimum performance in each non-woven application.
Our Non-woven fibers are designed keeping in mind the needs of high production non-woven machines. Right from the structure of the fibers to the spin finish dressing, all critical properties are precisely controlled so that VNPOLYFIBER Nonwoven fibers meet almost all functional properties of nonwoven technical textiles right from highly sensitive medical textiles to the toughest carpets and coated textiles. Special types of fibers are also certified for use in medical & hygiene applications.
Our nonwoven product range is customized to suit the requirements of different nonwoven processes.

a.  for spunlace non-wovens:
These fibers are engineered to suit the processing needs of most modern spunlace processes using dry-laid (carded or air-laid) web followed by cross lapper and hydro-entanglement.
They are workable on high-speed cards, low foaming types, give good fabric strength, and also can be processed either alone or in blends with cellulosic fibers.
They are ideal for producing roll goods for use in various end-uses such as wipes, medical, hygiene, home, and industrial applications.

b.  for needle punched non-wovens:
These fibers are specially designed to meet the toughest specifications of the targeted user industry.
They are produced with special emphasis on critical parameters like tensile strength, elongation, modulus, shrinkage, etc. to ensure optimal performance of end products.
Some applications of our Non-woven fibers for needle-punched non-wovens include geotextiles, filters, automotive, home textiles, etc.

c.  for thermal-bonded non-wovens:
These fibers give an advantage over other contemporary man-made fibers in both compact calendered as well as high loft thermal bonded non-wovens due to their superior attributes.
They are designed to give optimum performance in thermal bonding due to less shrinkage, compatibility with binder fibers at different temperatures, and also excellent bulk and insulation properties.
These fibers can be offered to suit different applications such as interlinings, Acquisition & Distribution Layer(ADL), high loft waddings, etc.

Our Non-woven fibers product range:
Non-woven process End-useType of Recron® Non-woven fibres recommended
DenierCut lengths(mm)Cross-sectionSpecial features
Spun laceMedical, Hygiene, Home, Industrial0.9,1.2,1.538, 51 (for carding)Solid circularLow foaming, enables easy hydroentanglement, versatility for use as 100% or with blends.
22( for air-laid)Trilobal, Micro and Hydrophilic versions are also available.
Needle – punchedGeotextiles1.5,3.0,6.064,76,90Solid circularHigh strength, high modulus
Stability at high temperature
Filtration1.5,2.0,3.051,64Solid circularWithstands high temperature, compatibility with chemicals
High resilience
Upholstery, Shoe uppers2.0,3.051,64Solid circular
Automotive, Home carpets6.0,15.064,76Solid, Hollow circular
Thermal – bondedInterlining1.5,2.0,3.051,64Solid circularLow shrinkage, good dimensional stability
Special finish for hygiene end-use
ADL651,64Solid circularHigh loft, excellent insulation
High loft/insulationFeather-touch feel, excellent insulation
4.0,5.0,6.0,7.0,51,64Hollow & Hollow Conjugate
Micro & 1.532,38,51

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