Carding Machine for Polyester Staple Fiber

Single Cylinder/ Double Cylinder- Double Carding Machine
For carding all kinds of fiber suitable for 0.7D-70D cut 25-76mm.
Tec. Specs: 1.5-20D x 38 – 65 mm
Spec: ~ 520nm/820nm 2020 nm/2220nm ~ 2520 nm
Net speed: 20-55m/min
Doff: 460mm-535mm
Cylinder: 850mm-1230mm
Cotton stripping: Chopping, Pulling
Power: 10.5-15.4 kW

Opening and Packing Machine 

Fiber Packaging machine 

The equipment is mainly used to fill the open fiber and cotton into bags.
The equipment is connected to the opener directly, it has automatic conversion function
The machine can alarm automatically
improved production efficiency and labor cost reduction
Convenience and time saving

Automatic Packagage Machine 

Main specifications
Packing diameter
Max. package length < 2000mm
Pneumatic Compression
The machine is suitable for packaging fiber filling, simple operation, save packaging costs and reduce more defects
Increase product quality and improve competitiveness in the market.

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