Acrylic Yarn, Polyester Spun Yarns, Cotton Yarn, Viscose Yarns

Acrylic Yarn

Acrylic is a synthetic material which can be used for a wide scope of manufacturing practices. Acrylic can be converted into yarn or fabric as well as many other types of blends. It is essentially, a man-made, synthetic fiber which is comprised of at least 85% acrylonitrile. Acrylic Yarn is highly accessible, affordable and promises great durability. It can be washed easily and hence can be utilised to create easy to care products.

Polyester Spun Yarns

Polyester Spun Yarn is produced in spinning process by combing short staple fiber. Polyester Spun Yarn is obtained from Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber or Recycled Polyester Staple. It is used for knitting & weaving fabrics. It is also used for manufacturing of sewing thread and embroidery yarn. It is available as Raw white & Dyed colors.

Polyester Spun Yarn is available in counts like NE 20/1, 30/1, etc. It is mainly used for knitting & weaving to make polyester fabrics such as consumer fabrics and home furnishings.

Spun yarn is also used in making Sewing thread & embroidery thread s . Polyester spun yarn can be Virgin made from Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber or Recycled Spun yarn made from Recycled PSF. Spun Yarn can be waxed which is used for knitting fabrics or un-waxed mainly used for weaving. PSY is commonly available in both single and double ply for use in Textile industry . It can be Raw-white & dyed as well. Both dope-dyed spun yarn & conventional dyed spun yarn can be used to make fabrics.

Spun yarn is also available with different levels of twist. 32 TPI (or 1200 TPM) & 38 TPI (or 1500 TPM) are the common twist for spun yarn. Twisted spun yarn has more strength & tenacity as compared to the normal twist spun yarns.

Cotton yarn

Cotton grows naturally on the tender and moist atmosphere. Cotton fiber is further produced into yarns and threads during the process of spinning. Cotton yarn, with its comfortable feel is widely used to produce fabrics for articles such as garments, bed-sheets, mattress, table cloths, terry-towels, bath-robes, socks etc.

Cotton is a natural soft staple fiber growing on cotton plant. Raw Cotton fiber is mainly spun into Yarn and Thread. Cotton yarn is widely used in making fabrics for clothes, home-textile like bed-sheets, mattress, table cloth, terry-towels, bath-robes, socks & many other uses. Its quick water absorbing feature makes it used widely all over the world. IT is mainly grown in India, America, Africa and Egypt.

100% Cotton yarn can be combed and carded in ring spun or open-end for knitting & weaving. We can offer 100% cotton yarn combed & carded, polyester, viscose blended polyester / cotton yarn in the range from Ne 6s to 80s in single and doubled yarns for knitting, weaving, and sewing thread. Cotton yarn can be used for weaving as well as knitting fabrics. It can also be used as sewing thread & for making ropes for several uses.

Organic Cotton is grown without insecticide or pesticide whereas Conventional Cotton uses large quantity of pesticide & insecticide, which makes it less hygienic. The production of organic cotton is more expensive as compared to conventional cotton as it uses several scientific methods for the cotton crop to be grown. Polyester Cotton is mainly blended in the combination of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. Similarly other such combination is PV – Polyester Viscose Yarn, wherein Polyester fiber is mixed with Viscose fiber.

Viscose Filament Yarns

Viscose Filament Yarn is also known as Rayon Yarn or Rayon Filament Yarn. Owing to the silky appearance & feel, VFY can be used to make fabrics for clothing and home textiles.Due to its feature of ability to breather & absorb liquid, it can be used in making soft smooth fabric for clothing. It is also widely used to make Viscose Embroidery Thread.

Viscose Filament Yarn is mainly available in Deniers like 120D, 150D, 300D and 600D. The lustre of Viscose Filament Yarn can be Bright or Full Dull. VFY is available in RW as well as dyed in various colors & packed on cones.

Viscose Embroidery Thread can be produced from Viscose Filament Yarn (VFY), which is a natural yarn, made from Wood pulp or cotton pulp. Viscose embroidery embellishes fine works of embroidery on all types of fabrics and clothes. It has a natural long lasting shine which adds to its subtle charm and soft cottony feel.

Thread is mainly available in Deniers like 100D/2, 120D/2, 150D/2 and 300D/2. It is mainly available in Bright lustre. Viscose Thread is available in RW as well as dyed in various colors in hanks or cones packing. Viscose Embroidery Thread in hanks are mainly available in Raw-white color which is later dyed conventionally, then winded on cones & then used in embroidery works; whereas Viscose Embroidery Thread on cones is available in packing like 1kg/cone for big cone packing or small cones like 40gm, 42gm, 45gm, 50gm, 100gm per cone.

Viscose Spun Yarns

Viscose Spun Yarn is obtained from Viscose Staple fiber which is extracted from plant cellulose , made from wood-pulp or cotton-pulp. Our manufacturing partners offer high quality. Viscose Spun Yarns in Single, Double or Multifold plies for weaving, knitting, crochet, carpet piles and other industrial applications.

Spinning: Open End, Ring Spun, Vortex Spun

Fabrics for clothing & home furnishings like bed-sheets, curtains and decorative can be made from Viscose Spun Yarn. It is available in counts like 20s, 30s, 40s, etc in 1ply or 2ply. Dyed Yarn is also supplied in double and multifold yarns in raw white, optic white, black, grey, red, blue, and yellow color. VSY is mainly produced in large quantity in China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia & Malaysia and is exported world-wide.


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